Thursday, May 19, 2011

Does A-Rod Have a Great Butt? (The Evidence)

I started thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger's break-up, then I started thinking about A-Rod's break-ups, and the word "break" made me think of crack, then that made me think of ass cracks, and before you know it, I was pondering the quality of A-Rod's derriere. I'm sure his ex-girlfriends could tell me, but I'd rather find out myself. ;)

Part of me is wondering why someone would
take a professional photo of A-Rod's back in the first place.

If you find better ones, please link to them in the comments for everyone. I'm hoping you guys have some opinions on this. Either what you think about his rear, or how ridiculous this entire site is. Don't forget to follow me!


Anonymous said...

ive seen to many pics of alex without a sexy ass. i vote no.

Anonymous said...

No - but he has a large penis and enjoys stuffing it in a phat ass (e.g: Derek Jeter).

ra-ra said...

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Anonymous said...

He can sit on my face any time!

Leslie Lim said...

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