Saturday, July 7, 2012

MY NEW BLOG!? (Addressed to all)

Addressed to followers of What’s-His-Butt.

I was thinking about my first kiss. How I was taken in by the moment I realized who I was, and that this was a beautiful highlight of my life. His personality completely slipped from my mind. This kiss was soft, wet and passionate as I lost myself to his lips, lips that would forever tell me not who I want, but what I want. Since that day, and lost teenage crush, I have searched for a man with lips as captivating.

You guys know I'm an ass-man at heart, well I like my guy’s lips like I like his butt. However, I couldn’t form a place for like-minded men here. This is What’s-His-Butt, where the ass-fans come. 
I would need to create a new blog, fully dedicated to the fuller lips. It’d be a niche site, but also a must-stop for anyone with the same kink. If that floats your boat, check it out and follow the site.  And for anyone not aroused by the subject matter, I urge you to follow if only so you can answer more polls, meet a new community, and read more wit from me!

It would mean a lot to me if I could snag at least 20 of my followers to this new blog. Even this post, telling all of you this feels like coming out a second time for some reason. I've put myself out there, but I know there's a market for this. 
What's-His-Butt will continue, and thanks for making it wildly popular!

-Whibby Gaylord

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Classic Pete Rose!

I was reading through some baseball book about the classics, (or something, my mind was a bit more glued to the pictures) and I was stunned to discover just how many players from the 70's, 80's and 90's should be on this site. Although, my list of players did dwindle as I searched. Either the one picture I found was a fluke of angling, or seeing them really old now turned me off. Perhaps the only one who remotely held up was young Pete Rose. I repeat, young Pete Rose.

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