Tuesday, October 30, 2012

His Big Booty: The Key to World Peace

I'm in love!!! If every man had one of these to start with, the world would be a better place, I'm sure. Crime would drop because we'd be too busy looking at each other's asses, and gay marriage would sky rocket and the sheer demand would force its legalization nation wide. I'm convinced. 
The key to world peace, justice, and a killer orgasm lies in that man's ass.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anthony Recker's Ample Ass (50+ pics!) -UPDATED

This is our 6th followers spectacular. To learn more, visit FOF page. I should’ve posted Anthony a lot sooner, but Anthony Recker stayed in the low priority asses part of my mind.

I fell victim to the same idea some actually have about Anthony. He’s a dumb, not-very-hot, husky hick. Very closed-minded thinking. I now realize that even though none of those insulting things about him are true, (except the husky part) who you are doesn’t really matter. 
All that matters…is  


Demotivational: Cheating

Saw this funny poster earlier tonight, felt like sharing!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tyson Gay Birthday Booty! (10 Pics!)

It's been so long, but Tyson Gay and his big 'ol booty are back! Best of all, he came on my birthday! Tyson is perfect for our 8th Followers Spectacular, celebrating over 80 followers. It's long overdue, but I'm working on it, trust me. You can help me out by submitting pics I might've missed or giving me names at WHBmaster@live.com. Thanks to everyone who followed the site and talked, tweeted, and preached about What's His Butt. I've almost been doing this for two years and all your feedback makes it worth it. I won't keep you any longer with the boring sentimentals. 

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