Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crush Week! Who You Crushin' On?

With all this talk of the world ending on Friday, I've decided to spend what perhaps are my last hours on this earth appropriately. Planning for a week called Crush Week.

I have 3 crushes, and 3 fantasies. I'm going to share my biggest crushes, and you guys have to vote for which man you want to know my fantasy for. I'm only sharing one fantasy, so you gotta vote on the poll! If you're willing, I'd like to hear yours. Who are the hottest guys in the world to you? And what would you do if you could get near 'em?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

His Big Booty: The Key to World Peace

I'm in love!!! If every man had one of these to start with, the world would be a better place, I'm sure. Crime would drop because we'd be too busy looking at each other's asses, and gay marriage would sky rocket and the sheer demand would force its legalization nation wide. I'm convinced. 
The key to world peace, justice, and a killer orgasm lies in that man's ass.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anthony Recker's Ample Ass (50+ pics!) -UPDATED

This is our 6th followers spectacular. To learn more, visit FOF page. I should’ve posted Anthony a lot sooner, but Anthony Recker stayed in the low priority asses part of my mind.

I fell victim to the same idea some actually have about Anthony. He’s a dumb, not-very-hot, husky hick. Very closed-minded thinking. I now realize that even though none of those insulting things about him are true, (except the husky part) who you are doesn’t really matter. 
All that matters…is  


Demotivational: Cheating

Saw this funny poster earlier tonight, felt like sharing!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tyson Gay Birthday Booty! (10 Pics!)

It's been so long, but Tyson Gay and his big 'ol booty are back! Best of all, he came on my birthday! Tyson is perfect for our 8th Followers Spectacular, celebrating over 80 followers. It's long overdue, but I'm working on it, trust me. You can help me out by submitting pics I might've missed or giving me names at Thanks to everyone who followed the site and talked, tweeted, and preached about What's His Butt. I've almost been doing this for two years and all your feedback makes it worth it. I won't keep you any longer with the boring sentimentals. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Joe Jonas' Jutted Out Bubble Butt!

 Finally! Joe Jonas and his ass are on our site. Joe can now join his brothers, Kevin and Nick in the What's His Butt hall of fame.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strutting His Stuff

Another Keister Day Update. You can read what that means in the collections page. This pic is one of my personal favorites, and as of this posting, the favicon for the site. I know I'm way behind on Followers Spectaculars. But don't worry, I have an upcoming guy that I discovered a few days ago...

Also, the Poll Results page has been updated.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MY NEW BLOG!? (Addressed to all)

Addressed to followers of What’s-His-Butt.

I was thinking about my first kiss. How I was taken in by the moment I realized who I was, and that this was a beautiful highlight of my life. His personality completely slipped from my mind. This kiss was soft, wet and passionate as I lost myself to his lips, lips that would forever tell me not who I want, but what I want. Since that day, and lost teenage crush, I have searched for a man with lips as captivating.

You guys know I'm an ass-man at heart, well I like my guy’s lips like I like his butt. However, I couldn’t form a place for like-minded men here. This is What’s-His-Butt, where the ass-fans come. 
I would need to create a new blog, fully dedicated to the fuller lips. It’d be a niche site, but also a must-stop for anyone with the same kink. If that floats your boat, check it out and follow the site.  And for anyone not aroused by the subject matter, I urge you to follow if only so you can answer more polls, meet a new community, and read more wit from me!

It would mean a lot to me if I could snag at least 20 of my followers to this new blog. Even this post, telling all of you this feels like coming out a second time for some reason. I've put myself out there, but I know there's a market for this. 
What's-His-Butt will continue, and thanks for making it wildly popular!

-Whibby Gaylord

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Classic Pete Rose!

I was reading through some baseball book about the classics, (or something, my mind was a bit more glued to the pictures) and I was stunned to discover just how many players from the 70's, 80's and 90's should be on this site. Although, my list of players did dwindle as I searched. Either the one picture I found was a fluke of angling, or seeing them really old now turned me off. Perhaps the only one who remotely held up was young Pete Rose. I repeat, young Pete Rose.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Junk In His Trunk

Remember when you were just a little boy and your parent would read you the most amazing stories? The brave prince, the scary dragons, The Three Musketeers! Now you're a twenty... thirty-something and you fantasize about how those stories would've been if say,  
The Three Musketeers were sexy college boys with large butts who spanked each other.
You've changed.

Fortunately, Phat Ass Fiction (Now deleted) feeds your new interests along with your love of reading. Lose yourself in the wild adventures of young men whose curvy bodies land them in hot water and steamy scenes!

UPDATE: This blog no longer exists. I'm leaving the post up here mostly because it's good work of mine, but partly because I want to keep the memory alive. I was very fond of the man who created that site. Not like in a gay way, but as a good friend. This is the link to his new blog!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What The Tuck!? It's Justin Tuck's Butt!

What the Tuck!? It's Justin Tuck, our very late 7th followers spectacular! I struggled with what I should name this post for a while. I know its title may not convey that, but it's true. If any of you can pitch a better name for this post, (and I know you can) just post it in the comments and I'll use my favorite!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wanna Pin You DOWN! (Wrestling)

These pics have been around for a while, yes. Heck, I actually have the second one but I never got around to putting it up. Mostly because I didn't want to just put up one wrestling picture. Anyhow, I seriously behind on our 70th Followers Spectacular. We've almost reach our 80th! But don't worry, I have someone pretty deserving in mind.

These pictures were sent here by our good friend, Zachary Wilde.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"They're After Me Gold!"- The Funnies

This pic was sent here by our good friend, Zachary Wilde.

There's nothing really "sporty" about the pic, but if you consider how active both Peter Pan and leprechauns are, (and I'm guessing this guy is one of those), you could say it's athletic. Anyway, Zachary submitted some other pictures as well that I'll upload in the future. Remember, submission mostly means butt pics I haven't found and that my followers could find interesting. If you have a butt pic, send it to

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Gay Sun Drop Commercial?

Just saw this commercial last night. I was familiar with the first one where that average girl drinks some Sun Drop and all of a sudden starts dropping it like it's hot. If that woman had been much more attractive, the stunning sexual content of that commercial would've had it banned. They had even less wiggle room when they cast a guy for the role. A lotta' guys are likely to change the channel unless they watch the navel of the woman on the right. The next shot turns it more comedic, which raises overall tolerance for anything a consumer could see in an ad. Anyway, this is Ryan Kasprzak. Booty-wise, the commercial is better than the short film. I just figured I should have both.


I saw this during Kitchen Nightmares last night. The second he got droppin', I was like, "Omigod, is this actually happening? Wait, don't laugh. Just sorta hold your smile in and don't make eye-contact with the other viewers in the room. You are UN-phased by this. You will find it tomorrow online, don't say anything about it now, don't joke about it now." When I got alone, I was like, "HAAAAA! I gotta post this! What? Did one of us make a commercial?

The short film has story to it. It made me smile. That's all.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Sold Out...(Rafael Nadal) - UPDATED

You guys bullied me into finally making a Rafael post. I specifically said that everyone and their cousin's butt blog or even simply gay gossip site has covered him by now. Not to mention that his nude bum is already out there. There wasn't much searching involved, and this post (apart from typing), didn't take me much effort to make. I suppose its partly my duty to cover him, but my principles said not to. Anyway, I am hosting the nudes here. After the break, clicking on them will reveal the whole image.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who The Hell Is Jonathan Toews, And Why Do We Love His Ass?

Sorry if I sound snippy today. I'm full-blown with this cold, and doing a hockey-player always makes me a little eee! First Dion, then Sidney, now this guy? Their sportswear can't really define any part of their bodies so you have to hope they're popular enough that some sites have gone totally crazy over them with pics of the players off-duty. Add to the fact that I don't keep up with Hockey anyway. OH! Some of you believe that the man in MOST AMAZING ASS OF ALL TIME is Jonathan. I doubt it, but that is why I made this post. If you guys have any Hockey boys to recommend to me, please comment or email me. ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back Dat Thang Up!: A Whibby Experience.

I have an experience to share. This is real and from my life, and I don't know why I haven't talked about him sooner.

I know this guy, (about mid-forties) who's black, relatively handsome and has a huge badonkadonk. To make matters more-so, a while ago he had an accident that curved his spine so now it sticks out a lot more. Sorta like James Blake's back, but more noticeable. It's also affected the way he walks. So yes, this man's plight is my gain. (It's horrible, I know.) Whenever I see him bend over, I lose it! One day, I noticed he had a 2-inch piece of string stuck to his pants. (His butt specifically.) I don't know what came over me, but when he got near, I swatted it off him. He turned around a little confused and gave me a look. I nervously said, "Uh-you had some string on your pants or something, I'd want someone to help me out know...". And one time, he climbed up a ladder, and I had the perfect view!.....................................................................................................
........................................................................................................................................................................................... Sorry, had to wipe off the keyboard. Sadly, I don't know if I can ever get a picture for you guys. I'd like to think I got away with these things, but I can't be too sure. Even if he avoids me forever, I can still say with all honesty, I tapped that. I'm pretty hot for daddies like that, but he has the extra somethin' that makes me so...[DELETED: TOO DIRTY FOR POST] 

Also, on the poll HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WITH A BLACK MAN?, I voted have not. (But I really want to!) 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Larry Fitzgerald's Fit n' Fat Booty (35 pics!)

Because I love my followers, I threw together my biggest post since Robin to celebrate 50 followers and bring in 2012 the right way. In my search for Larry, I found over a dozen pics I hadn't seen on any other butt-site. That's when I knew he would be our 5th Followers Spectacular! 
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