Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"They're After Me Gold!"- The Funnies

This pic was sent here by our good friend, Zachary Wilde.

There's nothing really "sporty" about the pic, but if you consider how active both Peter Pan and leprechauns are, (and I'm guessing this guy is one of those), you could say it's athletic. Anyway, Zachary submitted some other pictures as well that I'll upload in the future. Remember, submission mostly means butt pics I haven't found and that my followers could find interesting. If you have a butt pic, send it to

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Gay Sun Drop Commercial?

Just saw this commercial last night. I was familiar with the first one where that average girl drinks some Sun Drop and all of a sudden starts dropping it like it's hot. If that woman had been much more attractive, the stunning sexual content of that commercial would've had it banned. They had even less wiggle room when they cast a guy for the role. A lotta' guys are likely to change the channel unless they watch the navel of the woman on the right. The next shot turns it more comedic, which raises overall tolerance for anything a consumer could see in an ad. Anyway, this is Ryan Kasprzak. Booty-wise, the commercial is better than the short film. I just figured I should have both.


I saw this during Kitchen Nightmares last night. The second he got droppin', I was like, "Omigod, is this actually happening? Wait, don't laugh. Just sorta hold your smile in and don't make eye-contact with the other viewers in the room. You are UN-phased by this. You will find it tomorrow online, don't say anything about it now, don't joke about it now." When I got alone, I was like, "HAAAAA! I gotta post this! What? Did one of us make a commercial?

The short film has story to it. It made me smile. That's all.

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