Saturday, June 9, 2012

Junk In His Trunk

Remember when you were just a little boy and your parent would read you the most amazing stories? The brave prince, the scary dragons, The Three Musketeers! Now you're a twenty... thirty-something and you fantasize about how those stories would've been if say,  
The Three Musketeers were sexy college boys with large butts who spanked each other.
You've changed.

Fortunately, Phat Ass Fiction (Now deleted) feeds your new interests along with your love of reading. Lose yourself in the wild adventures of young men whose curvy bodies land them in hot water and steamy scenes!

UPDATE: This blog no longer exists. I'm leaving the post up here mostly because it's good work of mine, but partly because I want to keep the memory alive. I was very fond of the man who created that site. Not like in a gay way, but as a good friend. This is the link to his new blog!

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