Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something Awesome For Ten Guys

You might know this guy. It's none other than King-Size himself!

He even has his own stinkin' logo. He's in this for business. XD
I hope this was awesome enough for a 10 followers celebration. For more pics, just type up the link.
If followers drop out and then work it back up to ten, there won't be another followers special for 10. There will only be another when we reach 20. Hey, here's the link to follow.


Anonymous said...

Who is this and where can I get ahold of him?

WHiB said...

His name is king-size, his link should be tagged on that last photo. He's on flickr, but he's a little hard to find on google. (For me, anyway.) Once you find his page, BOOKMARK IT. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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