Saturday, August 13, 2011

James Blake's Jumbo Booty 20+ Pics! (Tennis Player)

A Loyal fan by the name of Sixxto submitted some fanny-tastic pictures of 
the beloved Tennis Player, James Blake. I was puzzled when I found this guy. "What's his race?" was the first question I asked. His mother was white, and his father was black. I guess he got that ass from his dad then. Anyhow, here are the pics that had me biting my lips for an hour.

Special thanks to Sixxto for making this happen. ;)
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Anonymous said...

why do u photoshop peoples asses in some pictures

WHiB said...

Funny answer to your question. I actually do enhance some pictures, but they're for my...PERSONAL collection. Back in the day when my PC's files for this site weren't very well organized, I would confuse and drag and drop the wrong versions of images to be tagged.

At the time, I was also jumping around the internet like a mad dog to scatter up an audience, AND I was trying to upload daily.

I didn't catch on to my mistakes until the 1st comment/accusation. I was mega-embarrassed that I screwed up posts and that people thought I was cheating. I didn't handle the situation very well, and it's only hurt people since then.

I officially apologize for those errors in the early days, but I'm also stating that THIS post, (James Blake) was not enhanced.

Anonymous said...


And JB couldn't win a tennis match to save his life but GOOOOOOTDAAAAAMN does he have an ass!!!

HHIC said...

I think he's a decent tennis player. Not everyone can win big,,,,My fav player Andy Roddick always lets me down at the majors, but I still love him...Back to James though...That ass is perfection, I'd let him sit on my face :-)

Anonymous said...

i have the same opinion,Have not. (But I really want to!
i have discover these photos only now, thank you for giving me this gift that i am searching a long time ago, join me at

Anonymous said...

really, i can't believe your first question was, what is his race?!? that has nothing do do with his ass, if it did, this site would be all one race. but as you can see, guys of all races can have donkey booties and we don't care what their race is! if his mom and dad popped out a fat bootied kid that looked like chad hedrick, would you care then?

Anonymous said...

Love his ass......I bet it smells damn good. Deep asshole, fat cheeks.....umm a recipe for long hard dick up in there!!!! Big thick bubble butt...ummm yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanna bend him over and dig those fat booty cakes out while slapping them and seeing them jiggle like Jello. I'd deep tongue f**k that fat ass for hours. Mmmm

Anonymous said...

That ass needs some serious tongue....

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Anonymous said...

Wow so handsome with a nice bubble butt. I just wanna put my tongue in it. Damn I want his booty so bad.

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