Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess That President's Ass!

It's not the size that counts, it's not even how you use it. It's who you are. Which is why I'm hoping that I won't get too much flak over this 20 Followers Celebration post when I cover a president instead of a giant super-booty like I promised.

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Extra 3

I knew it was inevitable. Just send me the hate and get it over with. All I was trying to do was have an important someone instead an awesome something for once. In the future, which appeals to you more?


Anonymous said...

cant tell u how many times ive j/o to Pres O's bigbooty with him in them blue slacks w/o the suitcoat on...real talk! ijs man...damn! he one sexu-ass good-looking disrespect tho, but he is

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soma taha said...

I will forward this post to him

Dalia Alaa said...

Dalia Alaa said...

rehabgad1 said...

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