Monday, June 20, 2011

Smells Like Unicorns & Cinnamon...Don't it?

Because I doubt I'll find more pictures like these that still keep it remotely PG, I'm not making a collection out of this. If I was, I might call it Sniffers?

Link to follow this blog, yada, yada.
For Father's day, I hope you told him. Nah, Just kidding. But I hope everything went very well...even if he's dead.

UPDATE: (Yeah, I stole this one from Culazos Masculinos


Anonymous said...

I love the first one, too bad it can't be a sequel :-(

WHiB said...

I'll make it a collection IF I find more pics like it. (That aren't flat-out pron)

Anonymous said...

verry nice

Bulge Luver said...

I like the second photo. That boy looks mesmerized by that lycra/spandex, jock-straped bubble-butt of his opponent. Ya gotta wonder if he's wondering how to get his fingers, tongue and cock up that hot hole.

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