Friday, June 10, 2011

WHiB's Search For The White Tyson Gay!

First off, I love the name of this little egg-hunt. "The White Tyson Gay" strikes me as some sort of rare (ironically Chinese) creature. Anyhow, I need leads and links for an athlete with a prouder posterior than Tyson. Heck, they don't even have to be white. I'll accept any race. (Except black) For those of you reading this as your first post on the site, I'm not racist.

These are the conditions.
1. Preferably an athlete.
2. NOT a pron-star
That's it.

You can send me a name or an image at
Or, you can give me a name in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Rafael Alencar (not an athlete-sry), Kevin Falk (semi-bodybuilder, but more of a fitness model), Stefan Havlik (bodybuilder), John Cena (Pro Wrestler), Rafael Nadal (Pro Tennis-has a humongous ass!)

WHiB said...

Rafael Alencar is nice, but is definitely not Tyson Quality. Kevin is a pron-star. I don't cover those. Stefan is too beefy, yet still no ass. John Cena is a joke. If he had a booty under those jeans-shorts or whatever he's always wearing, I would've noticed by now. Rafael Nadal comes the closest, but I'm reluctant to even feature him on the site because there are like 400 good butt pictures of him. Heck, we've already seen his naked bum. The tease is gone.

Anonymous said...

so I guess you were kidding about not being too picky lol. And just so you know, @#%# Wad, the only person who has Tyson Gay's ass is fuckin' Tyson Gay! Get a life, and go F yourself while your at it. Oh, and you're welcome, asshole.

Anonymous said...

and by the way, why in the hell is Kevin J. even on this blog?? I think most people here would rather look at a real ass, like Rafa's. Who cares if the "tease is gone"?? At least he's got a real ass! Having KJ on here is a joke. People aren't gonna want to help you come up with ideas if you act like such a dicky, know-it-all moron. I'm pissed that I even made any suggestions. A simple "thank you, but this isn't quite what I was looking for.." would have been fine. Have fun on your stupid ass hunt, or whatever you call it. it's gonna be a long search, cuz, like I said before, there is no fucking "white Tyson Gay". Kind of like searching for a blue eyed japanese person... good luck to you.

WHiB said...

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting.
I'm really glad you offered a suggestion. Thrilled that you gave me five, but "Who cares if the 'tease is gone'?" If you run a search for Rafael Nadal's butt, you're gonna find like 50 billion sites with the same nude pics, in addition to stock awesome shots. But if you run a search for "Tyson Gay Butt", my site should pop up in the 1st page. Heck, I was reluctant to do Lucas Neill. Everyone's seen that one J Lo picture of him already.

I'll have you know last Friday night, you were my favorite person in the whole world. First guy to offer any leads. I was eager to find someone whom you selected that could win. By the way, that Japanese blue eyes thing was kinda funny.

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