Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crush Week! Who You Crushin' On?

With all this talk of the world ending on Friday, I've decided to spend what perhaps are my last hours on this earth appropriately. Planning for a week called Crush Week.

I have 3 crushes, and 3 fantasies. I'm going to share my biggest crushes, and you guys have to vote for which man you want to know my fantasy for. I'm only sharing one fantasy, so you gotta vote on the poll! If you're willing, I'd like to hear yours. Who are the hottest guys in the world to you? And what would you do if you could get near 'em?

My first is Rob Kardashian. No freakin' duh. I never really found him all that cute, (It was mostly his ass that enthralled me,) but one day I came across this "picture" of him. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I melted in my seat, and it completed the dream package for Rob, and he was added to my "guys I could spend the rest of my life with" list. No other image of him, booty or face has compared for me. I was that moved. Check out his post!

Justin Warner is the odd one out in the bunch. The least famous, (the winner of Next Food Network Star) as well as the quirkiest dressed and looking in general. As far as the chefs they have on their network, he's the most unique to me, and I've been dying to see his show. What I love about him is his flamboyant look, but without the flamboyant personality. His clothes are colorful, his hair his amazing, while his voice is deadpan and he looks like Moe from The Simpsons a bit. He has this natural makeup look to him as well. His lips are incredibly red, his cheeks are rosy and he just looks so beautiful without being a... how you say, pansy. He can cook, he owns a restaurant and he'll have his own show. What more could you want?

Blake Griffin is my third and final. Hot, handsome, huge. Three of my four H's when it comes to guys. (I can't confirm hung.) Blake hits the marks, and he's got a donk! I look forward to having him on WHiB soon enough. I know about him the least, and my attraction is purely physical. That's that. Don't have anymore to say about him. I guess I'll just ramble to fill out the rest of the space. Maybe make the text giant, that'll work!

Remember, you guys have to vote for which man you want to know my fantasy for. For those of you interested in stories, I'll write it out, but I'm only sharing one fantasy, so you gotta vote on the poll! If you're willing, I'd like to hear about yours. Who are the hottest guys in the world to you? And what would you do if you could get near 'em? If not, just vote, a little participation, thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'd say Dustin Zito is an ass fantasy of mine. I'd love to see his butt in his compression shorts from those MTV challenges up close.

Dustin Zito
Sidney Crosby
Jonathan Toews
Ian Hecox
Kenny Santucci

I voted Rob Kardashian in your poll! :-)

nithesiren said...

Omg can't wait to see Blake Griffin !

Anonymous said...

Blake Griffin! im obsessed with the beast! luckily ive gotten to meet him, he's even more amazing in person!

Anonymous said...

We will never fight for a man. My number one is Robert Förstemann (hors concours angel) and number two is cute, sweet and delicious Chad Hedrick. I will vote Rob Kardashian in your poll (but he is all yours!).

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